I like to work with

If you are committed to your soul’s highest evolution in this lifetime, I’d love to work with you.  It doesn’t matter where you are on your soul’s journey.  All that matters is that you want to choose You.  If you want to choose You, I will hold energetic space for you to learn, grow and remember that you are an amazing Being with gifts so grand that when they are untethered, they open up like a present to yourself and the world.
You are needed, your spirit is awakening, and you a blessing in our time of growth and spiritual emergence.  There is no reason to downplay your spiritual gifts.  Work with me and feel the empowerment of letting your higher self guide you into a life of abundance, love, compassion, beauty, connection, transmutation, and mastery.
If you want this for yourself, let’s work together to achieve divine freedom.

Living Divinity

Shift your Energy and open up your treasure chest of gifts.  Give yourself permission to receive. Gifts of abundance, vibrant health, spunky energy, clarity of your life purpose, happiness, peace and calm.  A session with Richelle will help shift you into your Energetic Best Self. 

Whom is this session best for?  Those that may be feeling overwhelmed, feeling that their energy is depleted and/or are ready to shed the 3D reality and step into a higher vibration of living.

Single session, 90 minutes, Living Divinity Energy Transformation


A deep dive into your energy field. The energy field around you holds the ‘memories’ of everything that has happened to you. It holds the positive, negative, joy, sadness, health, decline, love, loss and so much more.  If you look at the Infinity symbol below, it is a good representation of everything in your energy field.  The middle of the symbol is called ‘zero point.’  This is where we manifest pure expression without the polarization from the two sides.  This is pure and true.  This is where you make the decisions from your Higher Self. This is Heart resonance.

In an energy session with Richelle, we will look into and start to heal, transform, alchemize the energy in your field that you are ready to let go.  It doesn’t matter where you are on the spiritual journey, what you’ve done in your life or if you feel you are worthy of forgiveness.  You are a child of Mother/Father God and you are worth a life of happiness, prosperity, good health and love. 

This is why you do energy work.  It is a catalyst to healing your PTSD from this life, past lives, parallel lives.  Doing your ‘work’ now transforms your future, instantly and into future lives.

Living Divinity

Session 1

All of the fabulous energy upgrades that you get from the single session listed above.

Session 2

Opening, clearing, and infusing the first of your Transcendent Chakras.  There are 5 new energy centers that, when powered up, will activate your full energy body to its optimal vibration.  Session 2 opens the Causal Chakra, the gateway to the angelic realm, and meeting your personal Unicorn.

A 16 Energy Gateway Upgrade of your Energy Body.  Each ‘gateway’ has a specific attribute that leads you on your enlightenment journey.  When they are all functioning properly, you are able to manifest your ideas in the physical and bring high vibrational energy down from the higher dimensions. 4 of the Gateways are: Manifestation/Creation, Healing and Self-Love, Focus and Concentration, and Connection/Intuition.  You can see how powerful it can be to have each of these gateways open and available for you to use without the roadblocks that have held you back from utilizing these energies before.

Session 3

Transmuting Energy Cords that may be holding you back from manifesting your abundance, or optimal health and/or a joyful relationship.  Energetic cords that are not beneficial, meaning they are stealing too much of your good energy, should be dissolved.  Cords can be from family, friends, lovers, situations, and places you may have lived or worked.  Removing this siphon of energy can make you feel like you can breathe again and move into health, wealth, and happiness.

Plus, Transcendent Chakra number 2, the Soul Star chakra.  The Soul Star is your gateway to your Soul family, this is your life purpose chakra, and our earthly lineage is held here.

Session 4

Giving Forgiveness/Accepting Forgiveness.  This is a powerful session!  Through a guided meditation and beautiful rituals, you will leave this session with a deep sense of gratitude and peace for yourself and others.  You will be releasing the energies that loop in your mind giving you more time to envision your future versus being stuck in the past.  By healing the past that no longer serves you, you create a miraculous future.

Plus, Transcendent Chakra number 3, the Stellar Gateway chakra.  This is your gateway to the stars. It holds the sum of all of your experiences, past, present, and parallel lives.  Utilizing this energy lifts you higher and gives you direct access to source energy and wisdom.

Session 5

Bringing the energy body that surrounds you to a state of radiance.  This is the session where I ‘look’ into your auric field and ‘see’ what you are ready to let go of.  After each clearing, you’ll receive a nice energetic upgrade from your Divine Guidance Team. You will feel so much lighter, stronger, more confident.  Look out world!

Plus, the Earth Star Chakra.  Your Earth Star is how you ground in your reality and manifest your dreams.  This is where you find your personal garden of Eden and really start to work on your earthly goals as a higher vibrational soul.

Session 6

Your final Transcendent chakra session is powering up, cleansing, and infusing your Naval Chakra.  Your Naval Chakra is your connection to all living things.  Once we have powered this amazing chakra up, we will unify the whole column for a full 12 chakra activation.  You will have access to the highest vibration of energy that we had back in the Golden Age of Atlantis.  This was the highest vibration that any human has held since our inception.  Very powerful!

Each session is an hour and a half long.  They will each include a recording of the debrief of all that happened.  You will be emailed support materials that you can continue to work with on your own.  These 6 sessions are powerful and meant to give you the energy upgrade you need to feel, look, and be your most incredible self.

(to be used in 4 months or less)


Personal Transformation
Work Alongside Richelle

When you step into this energy it is an investment in You.

Do you know deep in your Being that you were always meant for more?

Are you frustrated that you don’t know how to energetically shift into your absolute highest Energy Vibration?

Do you want to tell your friends and family when they ask you, ‘How are you doing?’ that your life is amazing and you feel so good?

Then this is the package for you!  Richelle Marie ‘holds the space’ for you to Awaken to your Highest Potential and will be your guiding Angel, your spiritual transformation coach, your ‘person’ that will guide you into a higher level of ‘Being.’


What do the 6 months look like?

Richelle Marie will hold energetic space for you so you can shift things faster, manifest to a higher degree, love yourself unconditionally, attract amazing relationships, business opportunities, and most of all, choose yourself first.

We will meet every week to two weeks, either in person, online, or a combination of both over the course of our time together.  We will start with:

    1. Initial consultation to identify all that you desire from this lifetime.
    2. Clearing of your home and workspace and resetting of the energy to match your higher vibration aspiration.
    3. Your first energy session will include everything in the first single session package listed above.
    4. The next 5 sessions will be opening up and infusing your higher-level Transcendent Chakras.
    5. Your sessions will be organically guided based on your spiritual goals. You can choose to learn how to use divination tools, candle magic, talking to trees, working with your Unicorn, and Dragon. If you’re interested, I’ll teach you.  These amazing energies and tools will only enhance your growth and earthly experience.

Here is a starting guide on what we will work on during our time together.  It’s all organic and will morph based on your shifts as we work together. Really powerful!

    • What does your Divine Guide Team want you to know? Are you on our ‘right’ path? Hearing what your DGT has to say can bring clarity, pearls of wisdom, and next-step actions that you can use to find the happiness you crave.
    • A Journey of giving and receiving forgiveness.  Grace and Serenity are the greatest gifts we can give and receive for ourselves and for others.
    • You are surrounded by loving energies that want to work with you and help you reach your highest potential.  Use your spiritual team to remove energy blocks, call in healing energies, or tap into the new Divine Feminine or Masculine energies that are meant for the new Golden Age.  Your Team is huge and we’ll discover who they are and how you can work with them.
    • Prosperity in Money. Learn safe and wonderful rituals that will help you manifest prosperity in your life.
    • Shifts in your Generational patterns. Your energy body not only holds your energy, but it also holds the energy of past family members.  Shifting unwanted patterns will give you a sense of freedom and control you may not have ever felt before.
    • Tools for upgrading your health, increasing the vibration of your Divine Guidance Team, and bringing in greater opportunities for happiness and peace.
    • Vibration shifting that helps you uplevel your relationships.  Helping you have mutually beneficial work, personal, and ‘family’ relationships that are uplifting and joyful.
    • This is a custom plan for you that will continue to evolve over our time together.

This is your time to shine.  Step into your Divinity and watch the transformations turn you into the Divine Being you were created to be.

Each session will build upon the last.  This is not a passive exercise.  You, Richelle Marie, and Your Divine Guidance Team will all be working together to get you feeling like this is the best life you could have ever been gifted.

6 Months


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be religious to work with you?
I work with where you are on your spiritual journey. Working with Richelle Marie is more about working on increasing your energy systems so you can feel and be the best version of yourself. We work with your Divine Guidance Team, so every Energy we work with resonates with your energy potential. Richelle will help you pull that energy to the fore front so you can work with.
Where do your private 1:1 sessions take place?
Richelle Marie has a private practice in downtown Littleton, Colorado. I have a private room with a beautiful window with the energy of Mother Gaia, Mother Nature. I’m part of a community at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts. We have a fun store with crystals, workshops, classes, incense, statues, crystal bowls and lots of other fun things to work with to enhance your spiritual journey.

Distant work is via the Zoom platform or Richelle will do the clearing and then call you on the phone with results of everything that happened during your session.

What classes do you offer?
Awakening the Transcendent Chakras 8-12

See the ‘package’ section above for more private or group classes.

What is the minimum age you work with?
13 years old with parental permission
Why is it beneficial to work within a package?
Each package is structured to a specific goal for the client

a. The 6 session packages focuses on opening up the new Transcendent chakras, your Lotus Petals, your elemental energy and getting you ready to work with the upgraded energies of the New Earth.

b. The 6-month package is personal to the client's needs. Richelle Marie meets each client where they are on their spiritual path. If someone is brand new and we start with ‘What was the Cosmic Moment?’, then that’s great. Or, is the client a teacher, therapist, or a holistic practitioner that wants to learn more about the new energies of the New Earth? Then the sessions become a combination of energy upgrades and new learnings that the practitioners can into their practice. Very powerful either way. The 6 months package is about Richelle being their personal spiritual coach. She ‘holds space’ for them that is sacred, loving and nurturing for whatever they need and a response time to their learning needs within 24 hours.

c. The year-long package is more like a year at graduate school. It’s 3 semesters and an amazing 3 night, 4-day retreat. Sessions are done online, live, but via a webinar platform so if you miss that session, you can go back and watch it. Each of these sessions are 3-4 hours, 2 days a month. Plus, you will have a live 1:1 ‘integration’ session with Richelle each month. This is where we bring in the energies we are learning for the month, receive an energy healing and answer any of your personal questions about things that come up for you.

Why do we need Energy work?
a. Sometimes we don’t know what is holding us down is the absorption of other people’s negative energy. An energy healing can help facilitate the clearing of unwanted stuck energy in our energy fields. This will help you feel lighter, more positive, give you more energy to get done the important things in your life.

b. We all have energy centers called Chakras. These energy centers are what filter or put in place the good and the not so good energy. If you receive good positive energy, it gets placed in the Sacral, Solar Plexus or Heart Chakras. If you receive bad energy, it can clog up any of your energy centers based on the intent of the energy absorbed. Keeping your Chakras clear and bright will help you be at your optimal energy output. You will then make the best decisions for your higher self, attract better relationships, call in more abundance and prosperity, and it can help you feel healthy and vibrant.

What is my part during an energy session?
Every energy healer is different in their methods. With Richelle Marie, you will have a consultation prior to the first session to discuss what you want to accomplish, shift or call in for yourself. The first session is all about upgrading your energy systems. You will be in a private, spa like room, where you will lay on a massage table, fully closed except for your shoes. You’ll be under a sheet and blanket with your head on a nice pillow. Now is your time to meditate, take a nap or just feel what you are feeling. Richelle will work on you for about an hour in a silent energy healing. When she is complete, you will come back to your chair and a debrief will happen about all that shifted during that hour. The session will be recorded and sent to you via email. You may have a crystal to take home with you, a candle to work with, some suggestions on whom to work with on your Divine Guidance Team, including your power animal or other energies that come through. Then it is up to you as to what you want to work on to continue to make shifts in your energy to tap into your highest potential.
How often should I get an energy healing?
Richelle recommends every 4-6 weeks when working with her.
Does my energy feel dark or fragmented?
a. This is an interesting question from so many people. Sometimes we don’t want other people to know our business. When working with energy, your energy worker cannot see, feel or know anything that you are not ready to work on. Your Divine Guidance Team will regulate that for you.

b. Every energy worker has different gifts. Some work purely with the Angelic realm. Some work with helping rid people, places and situations of darker energies as their specialty. Some are a combination of several gifts and can see, hear, know different aspects of how to work with your energy. So feel into who you feel would work best with you and your energy field. If they don’t feel right to you, then ask for a recommendation for someone that you are better suited. You can always ask your Divine Guidance Team for clues on whom to work with.

c. Richelle Marie generally works with clients that are truly looking to work in the highest vibration possible. If you are drawn to her energy, you usually have nothing to worry about as far as what your energy currently feels like. You go to an energy healer to clear out the old and bring the new and better energy. You don’t have to be stuck in the denseness. Let someone help you shift to a higher vibration.

Is this magic?
Energy work is not magic. The shifting and clearing out of energy can be linked to science. We know that it takes energy to power up anything and that energy comes in all forms. So when we tap into your energy field, it looks like an excel gridsheet around your body. Even when you work on your computer in Excel, things can get stuck in your gridsheet that you don’t want. Sometimes it hidden and frustrating. Sometimes you blow a formula. Sometimes you want to enhance its function. We all want our Gridsheet to function properly, show the proper information and be feel good about sharing with other people because you are proud of your work. This is just like working in your body energy field. We want the same things as a great excel grid sheet. And when that gridsheet is functioning properly. Then, that’s when we want to add on the bells and whistles. That’s when we want the upgrades to a better, what we call ‘Lightbody.’ It takes being diligent in keeping our grid functioning optimally and doing our homework. So, no, it’s not magic, but it’s just as cool.