The Transcendent Chakras 8-12

Power Yourself Up!

Do you want to…

◊   Connect with your own personal Unicorn
◊   Tap into your Soul’s knowledge from previous lifetimes
◊   Start to clear your ancestral lineage of past karma
◊   Learn how to connect to the knowledge of the Universe
◊   Open your treasure chest of gifts you brought with you       into this incarnation
◊   Finally know that you are a gift to this world
◊   Build higher levels of connection to nature, the                     crystalline grid system and to Source energy
◊   Be the best version of yourself and take the steps to             being an enlightened being

5 Weeks, 1 additional Chakra powered up each week.

chakra image richelle

     Picture by David Essery, New Moon Art

There has not been a better time to upgrade your energy body
to your 12 Chakra system.

This is the same energy system we had at the height of Atlantis and Lemuria.

Our Earth’s consciousness has shifted and you can choose to have an energy vibration that we haven’t had access to in over 10,000 years.

About this Event

◊    This is a 5 week workshop that can be done in person (Littleton, Colorado) or via Zoom.
◊    Both are live and done with Richelle Marie.
◊    Each week we meet for 1:15 minutes to power up a new transcendent chakra.
◊    A box of ‘goodies’ or what I call ‘energy boosters’ that correspond with each chakra will be mailed to you before class       begins
◊    Information will be imparted about each chakra and how you can use it in your day to day life
◊    We will do at least one meditation each session to help feel what it’s like to connect to this energy gateway

The Transcendent Chakras for each week:

◊   Session 1, Casual Chakra, your connection to the Angelic Realm, especially your personal Unicorn.
◊   Session 2, Soul Star Chakra, all of your knowledge and gifts from previous lifetimes, plus your ancestral lineage.
◊   Session 3, Earth Star Chakra, this is where you manifest in the Earthly realm and is your connection to Gaia. (One of       my favorites)
◊   Session 4, Stellar Gateway Chakra, The gateway to the Stars and working with Archangel Metatron.
Session 5, Naval Chakra, this is your connection to all the living Beings on Earth and where we power up all 12            chakras into a unified column of Light and power.

Sign up now and for a limited time the energy exchange that was normally $750 is now $297.  (This includes your ‘energy’ supplement box, and shipping if applicable)

We have the flexibility each week to match our schedules to find the best time to meet for each session.

Contact Information:

Richelle Marie, Spiritual Transformation Coach

[email protected]