Black Friday

Flash Sale for Black Friday, 11/27/2020

Who wants to meet and work with their own personal Unicorn???!!!

I’m just back from a fabulous women’s retreat in Buena Vista Colorado with other women just like you and me, looking to find more magick in our lives. After the retreat, several of the women reached out to me asking about the Unicorn Energy I was referencing all weekend. They had so many great questions and were so excited about what I told them, that I’ve decided to dedicate the time to facilitate a 3-hour live on-line webinar about tapping into Unicorn Energy. I’m so excited!

I truly believed in Unicorns as a little girl, but alas, the magick faded as I grew up. High School brought back a lovely reminder of that beautiful energy, as that was our mascot. I had unicorn everything! Shoestrings, stickers, binders, book covers, my favorite shirt… Then again after high school, I lost touch with the energy again. As I look back now, losing touch for me was like I was missing one of my best friends and confidantes.

Now the vibration of the Planet (Gaia) has shifted into the most beautiful loving energy. Gaia has shifted her energy high enough to attract the beautiful, healing, sparkling energy of the Unicorn again.

Have you heard of ‘Thinning of the Veil?” The ‘Veil’ is what we went through we agreed to this incarnation. It is a shield that allows us to forget our true connection to Source Energy, and as we are talking about here, Angelic Energy. This is why this lifetime is so exciting! You incarnated in a time when the ‘veil’ is the thinnest it has ever been. Now is the time to step into the real magick, Unicorn Magick. Unicorns are of a much higher energy frequency that we haven’t had access to since the Atlantean/Lemurian times.

Here we are in 2020 with chaos all around us. But you know, in the midst of everything going on, we have more spiritual help now than we have had in over 10,000 years. We have access to the Magick of the Angelic Realms, more specifically, Unicorn Energy. Life is so much better when you work with your Unicorn. We all have one and this course is designed to open you up to a higher level of energy, to rise above the overwhelm and chaos, and into a higher vision of personal and planetary peace.

What do you use Unicorn energy for? Your Unicorn will help you with all of your wishes and desires. Working together with them will raise your vibration so high, you will start to attract the bestest of friends, strengthen family bonds, start to mend that which you feel is broken, increase your prosperity and start to heal your energy body that may be holding on to so much sludge, you can hardly get through the day. Yes, your Unicorn can do all of that and more. Build that trusting relationship with your Unicorn and start to connect your ‘Rainbow Bridges’ in the most amazing ways.

Never has my connection with my personal Unicorn been as strong as it is today. I want you to have an even stronger connection to yours! Join me in this fun and informative safe space of learning, exploring, and reconnecting to a truly magical energy.

The Live Webinar will be hosted Sunday, December 6th from 11 am-2 pm MST.

Energy Exchange: $97 (The webinar will be recorded and will be sent out to all participants within 24 hours of the original broadcast)