It’s been in the last few years that I’ve remembered a scenario from childhood that helped me truly realize my spiritual gifts that have awakened again in adulthood. When I was a young girl, I remember taking a bean, planting it and putting my hands over it to make it grow. There were a few other children around me that watched this instantaneous miracle. It was a scene straight out of Jack and The Beanstock. My magic bean instantly sprouted. Of course, no adult believed me, but I remember the gift of giving energy to that bean to instantly grow. (Could it have been a dream that I remembered? Sure it could. But, dreams are where we remember our gifts and I remembered mine.)
Today, I call in and work with the beautiful energy available to all of us with the coming of the Golden Age.  I’m so excited for all of the pauses, transformations, and revelations that are happening all around us.  I love to listen in the quiet, praise the positive changes we as a collective are waking up to.  I love feeling my heart fill with Joy as I work with beautiful souls as they realize that they are angels in their own right and worth every loving thing they manifest. I love it when people step into the energy of a brighter calling and choose their soul’s evolution and natural gifts.
I have a husband that is so amazing.  He married a corporate girl who morphed into a spiritual transformation coach.  Wow, that is a lot to ask of someone in a marriage.  He not only is my biggest supporter, he continually surprises me with little shifts in consciousness (like buying a St. Joseph statue and doing a ceremony to sell our house.) Bryan did not grow up with my beliefs and it’s taken a bit to realize that I’m a better version of the girl he fell in love with and married.  My heartfelt gratitude and love go to him for shifting and evolving together to keep our marriage the sacred union it is today.
Love is our son, Camden, and our dog Riggs.  Camden is my carbon copy and truly a man of excellent quality.  He’s funny, compassionate, loves family, and brings joy to the world through his music.  I said I wouldn’t do this life without a child in my life.  What a gift to be his mom.
So, that’s a little about me.  I look forward to working together as we enhance the best versions of ourselves and offer up amazing new energies to raise the collective consciousness one soul at a time.
With an Open Heart,
Richelle Marie